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Gordon Coxon

If you were at the Whickham and District Autosolo you may have seen what appeared to be a complete loony in a Seicento tearing round at a great rate of knots.
If you did, you were looking at Gordon Coxon.


Gordon started out in Motorsport many years ago, taking part in autocross at Causey Park in the Escort Mk2, the nice yellow and red one above that he bought from Mike Moody in the Nineties. It was in excellent condition in those days and he occasionally wishes he still had it; it would be worth a lot of money now in that condition

GC Mk2 Bk

As the Mk2 got used more frequently, it gradually became more battered and bruised, eventually acquiring a coat of black paint.

GC Toledo 2

It was around the mid nineties when Gordon bought his Triumph Toledo from Keith McFadden, and used the car a lot, doing many rallies in it. He thoroughly enjoyed Charterhall, winning the historics, which was particularly pleasing.

GC Toledo 1

At the Three Sisters Gordon narrowly escaped rolling on one occasion, but survived the scare. He subsequently went into the forest on the Lion Stages and had great fun with the car. This confidence boost was followed shortly afterwards by a trip to Albemarle - where he unfortunately rolled.

Gordon had an answer, though. He repaired the car and sold it

GC Mk2 Y

His next car was another Mk 2 Escort - this time in white, although this was soon changed to yellow, and it's true to say the colour really suited the Escort. This beautiful bodywork was destined not to be so for that long, as Gordon unfortunately crashed it on the Durham Sprint Rally with Steve Nesworthy in the co-drivers seat. Oops.

GC Latvala

Gordon went on to do quite a few more rallies in it. He did the Jim Clark, and can be seen above as car 42 with the young Jari-Matti Latvala behind him in the Clio. Gordon let him past and I don't think Jari-Matti's stopped since, especially considering where he is now, in the Ford Team.

Gordon also competed on the Otterburn Ranges and Lion Stages plus a host of other rallies before finally selling the Mk2 to somebody in Ireland. Which probably means it's still going sideways everywhere!


A change of manufacturer...

GC Sunbeam W

Gordon's eye was caught next by the chance of buying Steve Allerdyce's Sunbeam and it's fair to say that Gordon had great fun with it, and it changed over a period of time with the addition of big arches and a number of other mod cons.

GC Steve McC

His son Kev did his first rally with Gordon in the Sunbeam, it had a paint change to blue and it was on the Lion Stages as car 16.

GC Sunbeam Blue New

GC Lion Sunbeam

More recently...

Gordon had bought a BMW E21 from ebay to sell and make some money. Never being one to resist a temptation, he went and played with it first - and then sold it to the Mawsons - who did last year's ALM stages while Gordon was out doing the same rally in his new car, a BMW E30 with son Kevin in with him.


During the years Gordon has had a number of different co-drivers and would like to thank each and every one of them - and hope that they all enjoyed their time rallying with him just as much as he did.


Steve McClarence - the one Gordon's done the most rallies with
Kev Cousins - Gordon's son
Paul McTaggart
Andy Sharper
Alec Renwick - standing below in service with the Toledo
Steve Nesworthy
Billy Simpson

GC Toledo 3

Gordon Coxon

GC Panorama

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