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The Knox Trannie

Kevin, Ants, BBQ, Keith and Jimmy

If ever there was anything that epitomised the whole Spirit of North-East Rallying, it was the Knox's Trannie. From the very first time that I can remember, it was the one thing that just summed up all the brilliant things about Whickham and District Motor Club, road rallying in the eighties, spectating absolutely anywhere at all, Harry and Jean, trips away in the forest with little Brian in his babygro, fantastic barbeques and stories that made you laugh until your sides hurt so much you couldn't physically stand up.


I've travelled a lot over the past thirty years, and I've joined and left a number of Motor Clubs over that time, but nothing has ever meant home to me as much as the thought of the Knox's Trannie and the people and the good times I've spent in it.

And there were so many things that happened that you couldn't make up, from catching up competitors whilst spectating on Road Rallies, (and even having some of them pull over to let us overtake) to Jimmy handbraking it with all of us - and all the cooking gear - in it whilst chasing course cars - to the whole Knox Clan at the Seaside on the famous Sunday Run that always seemed to be held on a Bank Holiday Monday.

And the most important thing about the Knox's Trannie was - it was a guaranteed open door for anyone at all to come along and join in. It didn't matter whether you knew anything at all about Rallying, or Motorsport, or even if you were a complete novice. The Knox's Trannie was a home from home, a central base, a mobile hotel, the centre of the action, a place where anybody at all was welcome to come and stay.

I feel immensely privileged to have been part of it.


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