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The first rally car

Jimmy's very first event was in his Dad's Fiat 128, with Reiner Stockle, and from what I've heard, the most common response from navigator Reiner Stockle was 'You're going Too Vacky!'

JK Too Wacky

Barford Camp

Even in those very early days, going sideways was the only way, although these spectators missed the best of the action.

JK Lada Barford

The 'Pizza Van' in typical mode

If there was one thing that Jimmy lacked, it wasn't committment!

JK Pizza Van

The first Subaru

JK 1st Subaru

Jimmy and Kevin on the recent Cheviot

Cheviot Jimmy Knox

AutoSolo? Standard Cars? Oh Yeah!

Autosolo Jimmy 2

Insert the letter M and press the loud pedal

ALM 2010 Jimmy 2


He's no Dizzee Rascal, but he's still Bonkers

Jimmy doing what comes naturally - flying!
And as always, giving the photographers the best of shots.

JK Flying

Getaway in Stockholm?

They don't know the half of it....

JK Sunbeam Getaway

'I know this corner'

Probably what a navigator least wants to hear....

JK Corner

A rare view of tyres actually on tarmac

JK Rover


ALM 2010 Jimmy 1


TSR Kevin Jimmy

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