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The first meeting place

Crowley Hotel

Crowley Hotel

WDMC used to meet in the Crowley Arms back in the 1970s but the pub has since changed its name to The Poachers Pocket

Blaydon Rugby Club

Pub Blaydon RC

The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle

Pub Rose

We used to have the back room at the Rose' as it was known, and when we needed to we would spread out a bit to the side room, especially to do tabletop rallies as it was a bit quieter and allowed you a little space to think a bit more.
It was also a very good place for plotting the odd Wednesday night treasure hunts and navigational events that we used to do during the better weather.
I can remember we had a Superstars evening there one time and there were loads of people doing all sorts in the car park and in the fields, walking round working out clues. It was brilliant!

The Skiff on the Tyne

Pub Skiff

The Skiff was an excellent venue although there were a few times when it seemed like it might have been a mistake to go there, but we were always made very welcome by the original licensee - although he was a 'bit dodgy' regarding what he could and couldn't get.

Club member Dave Riley took over the pub some time later, and he was an excellent host to us, and we had some superb evenings there - with our own dedicated room we could run whatever events we wanted, and with it being very out of the way we held a few impromptu autotests in the car park! It was so relaxed in those days, nothing like the plethora of rules and regulations that abound nowadays.

The Potter's Wheel

Pub Potters Wheel

The Gibside Arms, Whickham

Pub Gibside


Ravensdene Lodge

Pub Ravensdene

Lamesley Country Club

Pub Lamesley CC

Blaydon Rugby Club

Pub Blaydon RC

The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle

Pub Rose 2

The Club moved back to the Rose, Shamrock and Thistle after a break of quite some time, and although we were made quite welcome it just never had quite the same atmosphere that we used to enjoy in 'the good old days'.

Kibblesworth Workmen's Club

Pub Kibby 2

'Kibby Club' - as it's affectionately known, is where we meet nowadays and it's true to say it's a very welcoming place too. We have exclusive use of the room at the East end of the Ground floor every Wednesday night and it's nice to pay Club prices for our drinks - not like some of the places we've been!

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