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Tulips? Aren't they flowers?

It's a funny term, tulips, but they are the little symbols that could win you a rally if you know exactly what you're looking for when you're reading them.


If you look at the map below, we've drawn a route on it that we'd like to describe in pictures. So the start is marked, and then for each competitor, every junction in turn is described in a little drawing that shows the junction, where you approach from and where you should go. If you're lucky, it'll have a dot and an arrow. The dot is where you are now, the arrowhead where you should go.


As you can see from the picture below, where we've added the route to the map there are a lot of junctions to consider, and quite a few of them are almost on top of each other.


We've marked the first junction with a circle for you, and so the diagram that you would expect to see is shown below the map



As you can see, the shape and orientation of the symbol is like the junction on the map, and so you should approach from the South-West and depart to the North.



The next junction is close enough to have two junctions shown on the one Tulip, and so you would approach from the South and depart towards the West




This next Tulip shows that you should go straight across the crossroads and drive onto the 'white' road heading West



The following Tulip shows that you need to look for a left turn



The fifth Tulip shows a 'T' junction where you should turn to the right.



The final Tulip shows two junctions together again, and indicates that you should 'miss' a right and left turn.

It's worth while pointing out that many Tulips will not be as easy to understand as the example shown, but will merely be a series of lines, and you will have to work out where to go from the clues.
The next page should help you understand it a little more

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