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Swindon you beauty!

I just heard that Swindon Council, in a rare and fantastic piece of common sense, perhaps tainted by the sheer greed of central Government, has decided to scrap all fixed Gatso and Speed Cameras.
What fantastic people.

Apparently, the revenue from speed cameras always used to go to the Local Authority to help road safety schemes, but recently there has been a change in the way the revenue collected from speed cameras has been allocated, and so now it just goes straight to Central Government. That, of course, means it actually goes into the coffers and helps to pay for the Civil Servants' obscene pensions.

That rather peed off Swindon Council, who thought it was a bit off. A bit like the rest of us motorists, who think that it's a bit off that Road Fund Licence (car tax) doesn't go towards making the roads a bit better, rather than going to some rubbish traffic calming scheme to stop cars hitting stupid people who wear sandals and can't work out that walking across the road when a car is coming means they'll get hit right in the idiot cells.

And so in a fit of common sense, they've just said 'stuff you' to the Government, (which will no doubt make Gordon and Alastair happy), and decided to spend their money elsewhere. They say that it won't affect road safety, and the money will be spent on sensible road safety schemes, which of course begs the question: if they can do that now they aren't getting the revenue, why couldn't they do it before?


Gatso square

Simple answer is - they could have done, but the cameras were a bit of a continual Christmas Present, right up until the Government decided they wanted a bit of the action, a bit of this Mafia-style money racket. Unfortunately, Swindon Council has hit back, saying it's unfair, which of course means (knowing Gordon Brown) that we can expect more laws and regulations to enforce Councils to adopt such schemes in the future.

You know, come to think of it, poor old Swindon has had a hard time of it in the past, with people taking the mickey out of the place. But now they've done this, it could give them the chance to grab a bit of respect back.

To be honest, if I was down South, and wanted to go for a drive, I could think of a LOT worse places than Swindon.

You're my heroes.

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