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Hadrian MSC Interclub Quiz - 5 February 2020

Beamish MC hits the top spot

Wednesday the 5th of February saw Hadrian Motor Sports Club host another of its truly excellent Interclub Quizzes at Gosforth Rugby Club, inviting all the local Motor Clubs to send teams to compete against each other for the coveted title of Interclub Champions.

Hadrian MSC are well known for putting on a great quiz, raffle and supper with traditional Northern fare of pie, peas and chips to keep their guests warm and toasty on what was to be a chilly February evening. The food is always very welcome and served up by Hadrian's own resident Jamie Oliver in the Chef-ly shape of Andy Kobasa, resplendent in his chef's attire of shorts and tee-shirt together with his typically welcoming manner and willingness to please all before him.

Whickham and District MC, Hadrian MSC and Hexham MC all fielded teams although Tynemouth and Durham were nowhere to be seen, with the exception of the sole representative of Durham - Lindsay Burnip. One surprising team was entered, however, in the shape of 'Beamish Motor Club' (not an affiliated MC) - a combined team of past and present WDMC members that are reputed to meet occasionally for drinks in the Beamish area. In the true spirit of inclusivity, however, Lindsay was invited to join them to make it a truly amalgamated effort.

Whickham had enough members present to create two teams, Whickham C and Whickham Z - neither considering themselves good enough to adopt the moniker Whickham A - and so it was with a spirit of anticipation and expectation that the quiz started - seven rounds to include a picture round over supper - with answers being marked after each round and positions declared to egg each other on to do better next round.

The questions were a great and eclectic mix of all types; from Rallying and Formula 1 to music and geography, acronyms and almost anything in between. The competition was both good natured and enjoyable, with Beamish and Whickham Z neck and neck for the first two rounds, then Beamish taking the lead in round 3, holding it in rounds 4 and 5 before losing it in round 5. In round six, the two teams were once again tied, with everything to play for in the final round. The final result went down to the wire, with Beamish MC taking the spoils of victory by a single point: 69 to 68 in their favour.

Final Results:

69 Beamish MC
68 Whickham Z
65 Whickham C
63.5 Hadrian
60 Hexham

The final results were followed by the raffle, held this year in aid of the Doddie Weir Motor Neurone Foundation, where a total of £65 was raised despite the small turnout. In what was the perfect finish to their night, the assembled members of Beamish MC also took home the majority of the raffle prizes, (most of which not surprisingly consisted of alcohol related winnings) to add to their Quiz winnings of four bottles of wine.

It really was a brilliant evening, although a shame that more clubs didn't turn up on the night. Nevertheless, everyone had a really enjoyable evening, with many smiles and laughs all round, amidst promises to return next time for what really is a memorable night.

Hadrian MSC would also like to pass on their thanks to;

Gosforth Rugby Club for hosting the event;
Andy for being barman;
Andy and Jo for the catering;
Blacksmiths Coffee Shop for the prizes for the winning team and the raffle;
Everyone else who donated raffle prizes.

The interclub quizzes are a brilliant opportunity for our respective club members to meet other clubs in the area, and we really look forward to the next one, whenever it is held.

Thank you Hadrian MSC.

Motorsport wins vital Vnuk EU insurance vote

A vital EU vote on an insurance law change that could have been catastrophic for motorsport has gone in the sport's favour.

The 2014 Vnuk court case set a precedent that all vehicles in the EU should have insurance, even if they are being used on private land, and that the Motor Insurance Directive (MID) was being interpreted incorrectly. That would mean all cars competing in motorsport events in Europe would need to be insured individually, and instances such as cars colliding on a racetrack could become road traffic accidents and involve the police.

Dan Dalton, an MEP for the West Midlands, is the son of a former marshal and timekeeper and had put forward the motion of excluding motorsport from the amended wording of the MID to the EU Parliamentary committee he sits on. The internal market committee voted on the amendment on Tuesday and sided with excluding motorsport from the implementation of the new insurance law.

Dalton had previously said that the result was "too close to call".

The amendment still needs to be passed by the main parliament, but it rarely goes against the decisions of its committees and the vote in the committee was seen as the most important. "I am relieved that my fellow MEPs from this committee listened to my concerns about the risk this draft law poses to British motorsport," Dalton said. "As the son of a former marshal, I know that this is a way of life for many people in the UK. This is a victory for common sense regulation. What happens next is that all MEPs will vote on this compromise at one of the next meetings in Strasbourg. This could be as early as February. As a general rule, they will follow what has been agreed by our committee."

In terms of next steps, MEPs could vote - and will likely back the committee's decision - on the wording as early as February in what is known as a plenary session. Once that vote has been held, and assuming it has been successful, the MEP responsible for the law will then negotiate the exact wording of the text with the EU governments and the European Commission, known as trilogues.

It is hoped this process will be completed by May, as failing to complete the law before the EU elections could derail it with new MEPs departing and entering the parliament after the elections.

In the UK, if this process is completed before Brexit - or during the transition - it will apply in a soft Brexit. A hard Brexit would mean the UK would have to create its own insurance law.


The January Sale - 29 January 2020

Auction Hammer

Hammer time!

There are few sights greater than watching an expert in action, but if there were, it would be to see such an expert in his element and in full flight.

Every January, Whickham and District Motor Club hold their annual January Sale, and event which has over the years, purely due to the quality of its Auctioneers, acquired a reputation for being able to make a healthy contribution to a charity of choice, by not only auctioneering the most amazing articles, but to do so despite the fact that the items on offer can vary between the very desirable to things you perhaps wouldn't necessarily associate with a North East Motor Club.

Our resident Auctioneer, Peter Metcalfe, has now been doing this job for many years, and whilst the assembled crowd may well marvel at the choice of items on offer, they can at least rely on the fact that some things never change; and it's usually the jokes. Nevertheless, Peter does do a fantastic job, and every year not only manages to accrue a great contribution to charity but does so with a style and panache that really has to be experienced to properly enjoy.

This year, he had a number of quite desirable articles on offer; there were car parts, a good number of books, a surprise box that contained some fabulous drills and fasteners, there was perfume, a selection of model cars, spanners and navigators bags to name but a few of the items on display. There were also tyres, a TomTom SatNav system, a few radio controlled cars and the obligatory bobble hats and mugs, as is normal at any January Sale.

To say that Peter did a sterling job would be a massive understatement of the highest order, as he was just superb. Every item was up for sale, and so every item was going home with somebody. That person may not have known he was taking it home, but take it home he or she did. Some items didn't sell the first time they were on offer, but that only instilled upon them the status of 'surprise gift' - meaning any subsequent sale would always put the successful bidder at risk of being awarded a 'surprise gift'. And many surprise gifts were in fact given out on the night, and in a surprise reaction, as the night wore on, it became a sort of badge of honour to be awarded a 'surprise gift', and often, winning bidders were a little disappointed not to receive one.

The night, however, was a magnificent one in the end: everyone putting their hands in their pockets to buy things that were in varying degrees desirable, essential, intriguing or otherwise strange, but nevertheless it was all money in the bank for our chosen charity.

To everyone who supported the night, thank you so much. To Peter, our absolute master auctioneer, we would like to extend our congratulations on conducting what was yet another fantastic auction, this year raising an astonishing £251.25 for Northumbria Blood Bikes, who rely on donations to keep themselves going.

Thank you Peter, and thank you all.

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