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WDMC's Annual Awards Night 2019

2019 Trophies 5

Whickham and District Motor Club’s Annual Awards night, held this year on the last Wednesday evening before Christmas, is a great opportunity for us to come together at our annual shindig to celebrate the achievements of our members in all their different and chosen categories of motorsport.

This year was again, as in the past, a thoroughly enjoyable evening with WDMC Club Chairman Phil Kenny and Competition Secretary Tosh Townsend taking their positions either side of an impressive array of trophies to announce the Award Winners and their achievements. 2019 has been a very good year for competition, with our members taking part in a wide variety of disciplines, from Rallying to PCAs to Rallycross and other motor-related events, and successfully too, as could be seen by the sheer number of awards on display. Competition has been as keen as ever, and in some areas has probably been more competitive than ever before. Championship positions have been switching right down to the final event and the Club has seen some superb results from some of its members throughout the year.

The evening was very well attended, the atmosphere was more relaxed and good natured this year, and it was good to see some old faces return to take part in competition once again and there was a palpable air of expectation as people waited to see and hear who the award winners were. The trophies were arranged, the buffet prepared, and proceedings began.

First announcements were for the Monthly Achievement Awards, given each month to members who deserve particular recognition for an act or result that happened during that particular year. Sometimes these awards are not given, other times there may be multiple recipients; it is all down to recognition of a notable Achievement.

Award winners were as follows:
December: Ian Canavan
January: Peter Metcalfe
February: Not awarded
March: The entire Border Counties Marshalling contingent
April: Pete Gibson & Chris Dodds
May: Jonny Chrisp
June: Matthew Price
July: Jack Morton
August: Tony Chrisp, Jonny Chrisp & Cameron Whitley
September: Phil Kenny
October: Peter Heatherington & Jonny Chrisp
November: Jimmy & Kevin Knox, Tom Herron & Dave Westgarth

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Next came the Club Championships: 2019 had seen some very close results throughout the season with competition as healthy and good natured as ever throughout the season. As the year progressed, there were some great results from unexpected quarters, whilst others just persevered with dogged determination and a title to aim for.

Championships were eventually decided as follows:

Sporting Challenge Driver:
Champion: Simon Jennings

Runner Up: Brian Townsend

Sporting Challenge Navigator:
Champion: Colin Fish

Runner Up: Tosh Townsend

Maps Championship:
Champion: Brian Townsend

Runner Up: Tosh Townsend

Stage Rally Championship Driver:
Champion: Alan Maughan

Runner Up: Pete Gibson

Stage Rally Championship Co-Driver:
Champion: Jack Morton

Runner Up: Ken Bills

Stage Rally Junior Champion:
Driver: Karl Knox
Co-Driver: Jack Morton

Superstars Championship:
Champion: Brian Townsend

Runner Up: Tosh Townsend

2019 Trophies 3

Finally came the Discretionary Awards, presented each year by individuals within the Club to members they personally felt deserved particular recognition for their very special contribution to the Club, the sport, or in recognition of a special or outstanding event during the year. The Awards for 2019 are as follows:

The Graham Trophy for Marshalling:
Mac Cliff

For his considerable contribution to Marshalling throughout the past year.

The Ken Ledger Award for Most with the Least:
Simon Jennings

For his continuing success and the results he enjoys in the epitome of a 'shopping car'.

The Mike Sayer Award:
Tony Chrisp, Jonny Chrisp & Cameron Whitley

For their wonderfully sportsmanlike attitude to motorsport and their fellow competitors.

The Keith Knox Trophy:
Alan Maughan

For his amazing return to motorsport and subsequent Championship Title win.

The Ramsey Services Award for Services to the Club:
Tom Herron

For his incredible work behind the scenes and the effort he puts in on behalf of the Club.

The Awful Warning Trophy:
Colin Salkeld

For that magic moment when he heeded the Awful Warning.

The evening concluded with a superb and very filling buffet and a general catch-up with members old and new. The atmosphere was really good, with everyone seemingly enjoying the opportunity to recall past events and congratulate each other on their respective awards.

Whickham’s Annual Awards night once again showed not only how active its members are but also just how promising the future is for the Club.

Long may it continue...

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