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Phil Kenny and Gary Laverick are both in their 20s and active members of Whickham and District Motor Club. They have both been interested in motorsport from a young age and started building their Ford Puma rally car in 2010 after buying it as a non runner from a friend for £300.

Tyneside Stages

PG Motorsport TS

Phil Kenny

Phil has been involved in rallying from a very young age, having been to many WRC rounds during his 26 years.
He competed in his first stage rally as a navigator in 2011 on the Cheviot Keith Knox Stages and since then has gone on to compete alongside many talented drivers in various cars including a 206 GTi, a S1600 Ford Puma, a Polo S2000 and an M-Sport Ford Fiesta to name a few.
One of his most notable achievements is being the 2014 ANCC Tarmac Challenge champion navigator.

DCC Stages

PG Motorsport DCC

Gary Laverick

Gary started out in motorsport as a kart driver and was an active member of the Durham University kart team during 2008-2010, competing in many national events as part of the university karting team.
Gary came to know Phil in 2007 who introduced him to rallying and they spectated and marshalled together for many years whilst building the PG Motorsport Ford Puma.
Gary’s first stage rally was completed in 2015 with Phil in the navigators seat.

Jack Frost Stages

PG Motorsport JF


The Car

The car is a 1999 Ford Puma 1.7 in Melina Blue


The front brake calipers are from a Focus ST170 and use 300mm discs with Ferodo DS3000 pads. The rear brakes were converted from drum brakes to Focus disc brakes.
The brake fluid is Performance Friction RH665.


The suspension is an AVO GTX kit consisting of inverted monotube front dampers and twin tube rear dampers, both with adjustable rebound. All suspension bushes have been fitted with polybushes from Floflex.


The wheels are Team Dynamics Pro Rally 1, a lightweight but very strong motorsport wheel. The wheels are 15" in diameter.


We try to use the best tyres we can afford meaning most of our tyres are second hand. We have a selection of Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin tyres in various compounds.


The body is standard Ford Puma bodywork to make it easily replaceable should there be any damage. Mud flaps have been fitted to meet regulations and there is a cut out in the bonnet to aid cooling.
Smaller door mirrors have been fitted to help through narrow chicanes.


All of the interior has been stripped out and lightweight polycarbonate windows have been fitted. The interior is painted white to give a clean finish and a spare wheel has been fitted in the rear. The handbrake has been converted to a hydraulic type and a custom switch panel now sits where the radio once was


Extensive safety equipment has been fitted including a roll over cage, fibreglass bucket seats, six point harnesses, plumbed in and hand held fire extinguishers, cut off switches and belt cutters.


The engine is a standard 1.7 as found in many Ford Pumas. Unfortunately this puts the car in a class full of 2.0 cars with much more power. The aim is to fit a tuned 1.6 engine to the car and move down in to a lower, more competitive class.


The gearbox is a combination of Ford Puma parts. The gear set is from a 1.7 gearbox and the final drive is from a 1.25 gearbox. The effect of this is to reduce the top end speed of the car but to increase acceleration through the gears.
There are plans to fit a limited slip differential to the car to increase traction through corners.


The exhaust is a full Milltek stainless steel system including a 4-2-1 manifold and sports catalytic converter and single rear silencer.
The car registers around 97db at noise test.


For stages run in the dark the car has a removable lamp pod that fits to the bonnet. The lamp pod includes 4 x 55w HID spot lights, 2 being setup for distance and 2 setup for a closer range.
The lights are controllable using switches inside the car which allow for different combinations for different weather conditions.


There is a 8" Android tablet fitted in the dashboard where the passenger airbag used to be. This is linked in to the cars OBD system using a bluetooth dongle.
This allows the cars vital statistics such as revs, temperatures and voltages to be monitored and logged in real time. They can then be reviewed after the event to help identify any issues.

You can read a whole lot more about Phil and Gary at the PG Motorsport website

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