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Pit Stop - 3 December 2014

Pit Stop Wheel

This evening saw not only Round 3 of the Pit Stop competition as Phil and Gary brought along the new improved wheel change stand but also evidence that they had been thinking about the overall stability of the unit throughout the year. The improvements were instantly beneficial as the unit stayed pretty much rock steady all evening which should have been very helpful to all competitors.

Surprisingly, there were a lot more penalties for loose wheel nuts this time with over half the competitors not doing the nuts up tight enough - not the sort of thing you want in a pit crew!

Andrew was up first - and also the first to fall foul of the dreaded torque wrench as one nut proved to be his 'undoing'. Brian then set the first of the clean runs with an initial time that proved to be very tough to beat, only Phil and Jimmy coming near with Jimmy also falling victim to 'loose nut' syndrome.

However, following the Cheviot debrief meeting upstairs it was a very late run by Tosh that saw a blistering time to snatch the lead from Brian, suddenly all eyes and ears were on the torque wrench to see if the nuts were all as they should be: however Tosh had obviously learned from his previous results and there were no surprises in store, except for perhaps Brian, who gallantly ceded his first place and finished second.

Final Results were as follows:

1. Tosh - 1:11.20
2. Brian - 1:15.20
3. Andrew 1:13.5 + 5s = 1:18.50
4. Phil - 1:23.70
5. Jimmy 1:28.4 +5s = 1:33.40
6. Gary 1:41.9 +5s = 1:46.90
7. Ollie 1:54.2 +5s = 1:59.20
8. Ronnie 2:05.5 + 10s = 2:15.50
9. Connor - 2:24.2

Thanks to all for taking part, points in the Club Championship to all, and in particular thanks to the design team and welding expertise of Phil Kenny for producing such a quality piece of kit.

Telephone Rally 19 November 2014

Tabletop driver

Well, it might have been rather late in arriving at the Club that particular night but the final round of the 2014 Telephone Rally was always going to take place, and just as the Summer brings us a number of pleasant drives around the countryside in balmy, warm weather, so the colder November nights keeps us entertained in the warmth of Kibblesworth Club.

Following on from the first round which saw Gary and Phil battle it out with Tosh and Brian for glory, this round unfortunately clashed with two other events: a navigational scatter by Durham and a 12-car at Hexham; however, the old adage of 'You pays your money and takes your choice' was never more evident as each Club Member made their own choice as to which events to partake in.

The format was the same as previous events: a fifteen minute slot in which the Navigator read a marked map and described the route to the driver, who then had to mark it correctly on a plain map in the shortest possible time. Fails were given for making significant mistakes in the route, and at the end of the evening, the fastest cleanest crew walked away with the maximum points.

It was certainly very heartwarming to see young Connor take part in his first ever Telephone Rally tonight, (not an easy thing to do), and it is fair to say that he acquitted himself very well, as together with Jimmy Knox's guidance he managed to complete a good proportion of the route with only a few slight errors - excellent for his first ever event.

It also showed very clearly that accuracy was far more important than speed as Tosh and Brian, although by far the quickest of any of the crews, made one tiny little error that cost them the overall result, and, due to the high standard of competition that we now have at the Club, dropped them way down to fourth overall. Gary and Phil, showing a wonderful synergy of Driver and Navigator, subsequently triumphed over second placed Peter and Guy by virtue of the slimmest of margins, only a mere three junctions separating First and Second, with Tee Cee and Gordon only a further 5 junctions behind. This was arguably the closest finish we have had in a very long time.

Final results were as follows:
1 15.00 0F Gary and Phil
2 15.00 0F Guy and Peter
3 15.00 0F Tee Cee and Gordon
4 13.15 1F Tosh and Brian
5 15.00 5F Jimmy and Connor

Many thanks to everyone who took part, points in the Club Championship to all and a special thanks to Tosh for organising the event; (and proving that going quicker than everyone else is not always the best policy - although, to be fair, it IS a lot more fun than going slowly!)

PlayStation 12 November 2014

This time of year sees the annual gathering of Rallying folk to watch what is arguably the UKs most watched event of the year - the RAC. Whether you call it the Wales Rally GB, or the RAC, or if you think its not the rally it used to be and consider the Roger Albert Clark the best Rally of all time it doesn't really matter - November is the time to dig out the bobble-hat, get the gloves and Puffa Jacket together, and start to plan the trip to Wales, Kielder or wherever your heart lies when thinking about the rally that sets your pulse racing.

In an homage to the annual event, tonights PlayStation was selected to mirror, as much as possible, the above event. Never mind the tarmac rallies and Super Special Stages or Mickey Mouse Stages - tonight we went for Gold and chose a stage that encompassed a heady mixture of straights, bends, tight 90s and twisty sections through the forest. It was a complete and comprehensive test of ability and control, and had enough tricky little bits to catch out the unwary big time!

Suffice to say, it was very interesting watching everybody as they took their turns and tried to be the fastest through the stage - and as usual, every competitor had three attempts so they had a learning stage, a sighting stage and a final hell-for-leather stage to set the very best time they could!

A total of 11 competitors took part - a great turnout for the evening and a great indication of the power of the main event. Competition was as fierce as it always is at WDMC - nobody wanting to be the slowest and everyone trying their best to show their driving credentials to all the other competitors!

Final results, after everyone had tried their very best, were as follows:
1 2.25.00 Brian
2 2.25.48 Karl
3 2.27.68 Big Kev
4 2.28.14 Tee Cee
5 2.31.52 Ollie
6 2.31.96 Connor
7 2.32.82 Adam
8 2.43.88 Gary
9 2.44.44 Andrew
10 2.46.92 Phil
11 2.59.12 Tosh

Biggest pet lip of the night goes to Tosh, who always tries to beat Tee Cee and is generally within a few seconds, however on this occasion, Tosh was comprehensively trounced by Tee Cee by over thirty seconds! The word 'Stuffed' comes effortlessly to mind!

As they say in all the finest circles: Time to retire to the bar and consider new tactics!

Points in the Club Championship to all who took part, and thanks to the organisers for putting the event on, without you we would simply have no Championship.

Radio Controlled Autotest - 15 October

RC Car

Now that the nights are drawing in and the temperature has dropped it makes all the more sense to hold as many events inside the Club as possible.

Although the Law says you should never Drink and Drive it was never intended to apply to that finest of driving challenges - the Radio Controlled Car, and so it was that this evening saw the best of the North-East's talent engaging in a deft challenge to show just who was the best at controlling the BlancPain Lamborghini Gallardo that sometimes seemed to have a mind very much of its own.

The challenge tonight was to guide the car through a series of cones on a set route that tested speed, steering, acceleration and braking all against the clock in a bid to find out exactly who had the Magic Fingers on the Night in question.

It is probably fair to say that the early runners had the advantage tonight because as the night progressed control of the car became somewhat sporadic, to say the least.
First runs showed some definite promise with some beautiful car control in evidence, although it should be pointed out that not all competitors had that finesse and elegance when it came to car control - certainly a lot more Geordie Taxi than Russ Swift.

Unfortunately, as the evening wore on, so did the life of the controller battery, finally giving up the ghost right in the middle of Tee Cee's attempt, and, despite his heroic attempts to keep going, he was eventually forced to give up only feet from the finish when absolutely everything died and he was left with the equivalent of a firework display and a box of wet matches. Nothing was working, and Tee Cee simply had to admit defeat.

That left Brian with a dilemma - he had not had his go, but the batteries had no life. Step in Tosh with an Old Wive's Tale of how to revive a battery with nothing more than body heat. Nobody really wanted to know what he was doing with the batteries, but only five minutes later they burst into life with enough juice to allow the final run. That at least gave everyone a chance of glory.
Points were awarded on the basis that the cleanest run in the fastest time was the winner, followed by all other clean runs then fails in order of speed.
Final positions were as follows:
1 35.54 0F Gary
2 36.82 0F Brian
3 39.01 0F Big Kev
4 1.06.57 0F Tosh
5 35.72 1F Andrew
6 28.54 2F Karl
7 49.00 2F Phil
8 47.36 4F Connor
9 52.11 4F Ollie
10 1.41.36 9F Gordon
11 DNF Tee Cee

Many thanks to Gary and Phil for putting the event on, commiserations to Karl who had the fastest time by a huge margin, but was only let down by the fact that he drove it like Ryan O'Neal's Mercedes in 'The Driver'. Accuracy is king, no matter how fast you are.

Points to all in the Club Championship, and as we approach the end of the competitive year, all points are becoming more valuable by the week.....

Quiz - 30 September


Big Kev's September quiz was a truly excellent mixture of questions ranging from the British Touring Car Championship, World Touring Cars, RallyCross and Formula One to Rallying.

Covering such a wide variety of Motorsport meant that knowledge of any one particular discipline was of no advantage when competing.
The quiz was deliberately limited to only ten very pertinent (and topical) questions that had everyone racking their brains for what should really have been fairly simple answers.
And it certainly showed when the results were declared with Tee Cee coming out on top with a very modest 5 points - not exactly the usual high scoring round we have become accustomed to seeing!

Results after all the marking were as follows:
1 TeeCee
2 Peter
3 Jimmy and Alastair
4 Tosh and Brian
5 Guy
6 Andrew
7 Ronnie and Audrey
8 Mac Cliff
9 Ollie

Many thanks to Big Kev for putting the event on, a great quiz and a super way of getting a good result from a wider breadth of Motorsport knowledge. Points to all in the Club Championship, and here's looking forward to the next round.

Driving Event - 24 September

Driving Event Wheel

A surprise event of a type we haven't seen before was the exciting prospect when Tosh brought a new game of skill, balance and dexterity to the Club on the 24th. The event was programmed as a Driving Event and those who expected to get their hands on a steering wheel were certainly not disappointed, when a 1980s Hillman Imp wheel made an unexpected appearance together with a carefully crafted container mounted to the centre, complete with 9 recesses and the same number of steel ball bearings.

Aim of the event was to try and get every ball into its corresponding hole as quickly as possible, which was not really made very easy by the combined pressure of being against the clock and also suffering the voluble heckling from all the other competitors, especially when the balls were almost there but not quite!

Gary Laverick set the initial standard with the very first run of the day by producing an incredible opening time of 12.84 seconds - prompting an understandable number of sharp intakes of breath and subsequent flexing of knuckles in anticipation of the coming competition. And this was only the first round of three!
Next nearest was Tosh on 20.53 seconds but everybody managed a quite reasonable time and the general expectation for Round two was certainly palpable.

Brian then turned up the heat somewhat on his second run with a hugely impressive 10.06 seconds - ultimately the fastest time of the day - but there were also a good number of very close competitors behind (although there were also those who struggled quite a bit and just couldn't seem to get the balls to flow). Some days it works, some days it doesn't, and no amount of wishing and wanting can make it happen.

Everything was coming down to Round Three - and the surprising appearance of 'The Big One' - a larger, more difficult cup with grooves and ridges set out to test the best. With the results all to be decided on cumulative times it was all to play for and consistency would prove to be the order of the day.
Some struggled greatly, some were very fortunate, but at the end it was down to the combined times of all three rounds to decide the winner.

Final results after all the times were added were as follows:
1 Tosh
2 Brian
3 Gary
4 Karl
5 Phil
6 Jimmy
7 Peter
8 Guy
9 Alastair

Many thanks to everyone for taking part, it was a great laugh and everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Points for all competitors in the Club Championship.

Rally Dutchland - 20 August

Following the success of the inaugural event in Tee Cees series of Scalextric Spectaculars, August 20th saw Round Two and the appearance of Rally Dutchland, an excellently thought out and well-designed event using both sides of the road by incorporating some very neat adaptation of the track to form hairpins at each end.

This meant that a stage could be formed with twice the road miles of the available track, and together with a number of different cars with differing handling characteristics it gave everyone not only a great experience but also the opportunity to shine (or not) in different ways.

Navigational Event - 10 September 2014

The weather this week has been particularly kind to us all and it was therefore the perfect week for Andrew and Kevin's Navigational Event. Although the lighter nights are now very much a thing of the past the prospect of a warm dry evening and some classic roads resulted in a very good turnout of crews for this event

The format was really simple: plot the route at the Motor Club and then simply enjoy the drive out along the route and note all the code boards you see. Instructions were a mixture of spot heights, map references, Grid Lines and Tulips but on the whole a simple route to plot and then the prospect of an enjoyable evening's drive.

Eight crews took part in all, and it was very heartening to see so many people plotting prior to the start, and from the expressions on show there were one or two who found some of the instructions perplexing; nevertheless, everybody managed to get a route and it was not long before each crew left and went on their way with high hopes and expectations.

The route was a mixture of smooth tarmac, some roughish old roads and the occasional white: nothing too taxing and only one or two roads that required a degree of care traversing. The actual roads chosen were reminiscent of the classic old Road Rally roads from the Eighties - Old Ravensworth, High Forge, Knitsley, Salters Gate, Satley to bring a touch of nostalgia to the evening.

The Police were obviously out in force throughout the night, and certainly along the route, with a few crews being stopped and asked what they were doing. Highlight of the night for Tosh and Brian was not just being stopped by four Police cars but ending up with Tosh being interviewed for TV by the BBC cameraman who was accompanying the Police through the night whilst filming the proceedings for BBC Countryside 999!

Everybody certainly seemed to enjoy the event, and it was all the more enjoyable due to the combination of a warm late Summer evening, some classic roads and no complicated plotting or searching for clues.

Final results on the night were decided by number of fails, then plotting time and were as follows:
1 1F 22m 00s Gordon and Adam
2 2F 15m 40s Tosh and Brian
3 2F 30m 50s Stewart and Neill
4 2F 41m 00s Ollie and Tee Cee
5 3F 55m 45s Jimmy and Alastair
6 4F 31m 00s Phil and Gary
7 8F 30m 55s Jeff and Luke
8 DNF Neville and Rachael

Points to all WDMC members for taking part, and a huge thanks to Andrew and Kev for putting the event on. It takes a lot of effort to organise an event such as this, and it was very much appreciated by all the competing crews.

Pit Stop Competition - 3 September 2014

Round 3 of the Pit Stop competition was a greatly anticipated affair - especially as it was starting to become a Clash Of The Knox Brothers - both Jimmy and Kevin having taken the honours in Rounds 1 and 2.

Much flexing of fingers was seen to be taking place in the minutes running up to the start, although nobody seemed to be very keen to be the first to set a time.
Luckily, Gordon Bradford stepped up to the mark, almost immediately followed by an intently watching Andrew Roughead, who was keen to take note of every possible way to shave those valuable seconds of his time and this time take the honours.

This round saw the introduction of the French contingent - a Peugeot wheel this time that was a slightly slacker fit on the spigot ring than the wheel from the last Round, a move designed to avoid any criticism of the wheel 'binding' and not coming off so freely.

As it happened, this helpful act proved to be the very undoing of many competitors as they struggled to line up the studs and refit the wheel in anything like a competitive time, some almost giving up at this point.

Star of the night this time was the aforementioned Andrew, who got everything absolutely right and set a blistering time of 1m 05 seconds dead, causing a few sharp intakes of breath as everyone knew this would be a very difficult time to even come near, let alone beat.

Try as they may, nobody could match it. Jimmy gave Andrew the biggest scare, coming to less than three seconds of his time, but it was all to no avail, as it showed that setting the wheel on the spigot would be the deciding factor in settling the final places.

Final Results were as follows:

1. Andrew Roughead - 1:05.00
2. Jimmy Knox - 1:07.90
3. Brian Townsend - 1:18.90
4. Tosh Townsend - 1:19.70
5. Phil Kenny - 1:20.80
6. Ollie Currie - 1:31.60
7. Steve Averre - 1:40.60
8. Kevin Cousins - 1:31.30+10s = 1:41.30
9. Gary Laverick - 1:32.70+10s = 1:42.70
10. Paul Fawcett - 1:50.60+5s = 1:55.60
11. Guy Wickham - 1:52.20+5s = 1:57.20
12. Gordon Bradford - 2:08.20
13. Ronnie Roughead - 2:12.10
14. Karl Knox - 2:19.80

Thanks to all for taking part, points in the Club's Championship and a big vote of thanks to Phil and Gary for putting the event on, bringing the gear and supplying a wheel that ended up with more chips than Harry Ramsden's.

August Quiz - 6 August 2014

Tonight's quiz was a little bit different - there was a distinct 'theme' going on and the worry when that happens is that there is almost always a trick question - and you never know if the trick is what you expect or what you don't!

Peter was Quizmaster tonight and an eclectic mix of questions was the order of the day with answers expected from many areas of motoring knowledge - Rallying, Formula 1 and General Motoring Knowledge.

The theme of this month's Quiz was the number 3 - and Peter managed to accumulate a good number of questions all based on that prime number - and in doing so caught a few members on the hop; there were some surprising answers in what was a reasonably good scoring round of WDMC's bi-monthly Quiz series.

Final results after all the marking were as follows:
1 17 pts Big Kev and Andrew
2 13 pts Guy
3 13 pts Gordon Bradford
4 11 pts Alastair and Jimmy
5 11 pts Karl
6 9 pts Tosh and Brian
7 9 pts Ronnie, Tony and Colin
8 6 pts Adam Bradford

Thank you to everyone who took part, Points to all in the Club Championship, and in particular a very big thank you to Peter for putting the event on, and especially for question number 18 - the trick question that was actually a double-bluff!

Organisers of the next round will be Andrew and Big Kev - so we look forward to what will undoubtedly be an interesting quiz in October...

PlayStation - 9 July 2014


Following our theme of trying to make our PlayStation nights somehow reflect the activities of our members, tonight's event was very tenuously linked to Tosh's forthcoming Hill Climb at Craigantlet in August, although to be honest the choice of Circuits/routes on GT4 didn't really help a great deal.

The circuit eventually chosen was Citta de Aria, a tight, narrow street circuit set in the Italian city of Assisi. The circuit actually exists, and is an extremely demanding route with no room for error on the narrow streets.

GT4 Assisi

The car chosen was the nearest we could get to a kit car - the Suzuki GSX-R/4 concept from 2001 - quite a handful on the narrow streets of Assisi but a challenge nevertheless!

Suzuki Concept

Competition, as you would expect, was very fierce on the night, as was the banter, and it is fair to say that there was a good degree of good natured and enthusiastic barracking along the way.

Results, after everybody had taken their turn at beating the best times made on the night, were as follows:
1 1.48.2 Brian
2 1.50.9 Ollie
3 1.51.7 Andrew
4 1.54.6 Karl
5 1.55.9 Alastair
6 1.57.1 Gary
7 1.59.7 Phil
8 2.02.2 Adam
9 2.04.2 Tosh
10 2.08.4 Tee Cee

Thanks to everyone for taking part, points in the Club Championship to all, and here's to the next round.

Pit Stop Competition - 2 July 2014

Following the excellent and very competitive last round back in April was Round 2 of the WDMC Pit Stop competition, which saw an excellent number of competitors flexing their tendons and thinking about the techniques so successfully employed by Ouston's very own version of Marvel's Flash (otherwise known as Jimmy Knox).

Phil and Gary had done yet another excellent job of supplying the indoor wheel changing rig and this time had made a few changes to ensure that skill, not Lady Luck, played a greater part in the overall rankings than she did in the first round.

Setting the initial time to beat was Tosh who blistered his First Round time by over 30 seconds, but was unfortunately let down by Mr Torque Wrench who discovered Tosh had only tightened the wheel nuts enough for a blast up a Hill and certainly not what would be expected for a full stage on Otterburn Ranges - 15 seconds of penalties were subsequently applied and eventually pulled Tosh down the rankings as a result. Booh hiss, unhappy face.

Brian quickly followed and was somewhat thwarted by a rogue wheel nut and a sticky hub ring (which figured highly later in the evening) which caused him to take those few very important seconds longer than was necessary to complete the task. Booh hiss, unhappy face two.

As each competitor took their turn it was immediately apparent that there were lessons to be learned by watching the previous competitors, and none more so than when Andrew Roughead took to the stage and looked to be set for a record time, only to be beaten by a sticky hub ring which caused him to take an inordinate amount of time and subsequently dropping him down the order.

Big Kev Cousins showed just what can be achieved with determination and power by stamping his authority over everyone with a fantastic time - it certainly gave every following competitor a time to aim for!

Throughout the evening everyone tried their very best to beat Kev and get the fastest time, and it was inevitable that reigning champ Jimmy Knox would take his turn to put everyone in their place and when he came to the stop there was certainly an expectation that was palpable in the air.

Unbelievably, it was not to be Jimmy's night. Despite being what everyone would undoubtedly admit was the very fastest hands on the wheelbrace, and spinning the nuts off at an incredible rate, Jimmy was let down by that most basic of events - the wheel just would not line up with the studs and he took an excruciatingly painful and very expensive few extra seconds to get it in place - alas, it destroyed his chances of retaining his crown as King of the Pit Stops!

Step up Kevin Knox. Quiet, unassuming, not really the sort of man to indulge in flights of fancy or competitive events on a Wednesday night, Kevin strolled up the plate to have a go. What happened next was amazing. The speed of Kevin's wheelbrace spinning and the precision of his actions was an absolute joy to behold, and all who were watching were completely spellbound by the speed and accuracy of the event taking place. He blitzed it. Not only was he fastest, but he was quicker than the fastest last time out by a very healthy margin.

Results after all penalties were applied are as follows:
1. Kevin Knox - 1:22.0
2. Andrew Roughead - 1:22.9
3. Jimmy Knox - 1:23.0
4. Kev Cousins - 1:27.2
5. Trevor Gamble - 1:29.6
6. Gary Laverick - 1:37.0
7. Tosh Townsend - 1:27.2 + 15s pen = 1:42.2
8. Ronnie Roughead - 1:38.5 + 5s pen = 1:43.5
9. Liam Walling - 1:37.0 + 10s pen = 1:47.0
10. Brian Townsend - 1:47.6
11. Ollie Currie - 1:50.8 + 5s pen = 1:55.8
12. Guy Whickham - 2:01.2
13. Karl Knox - 2:11.8
14. Peter Metcalfe - 2:15.0 + 5s pen = 2:20.0
15. Adam Bradford - 2:58.0 + 5s pen = 3:03.0
16. Gordon Bradford - DNF

Funniest moment of the night was definitely when Gordon Bradford just could not remove the wheel from the mounting, and after several attempts simply gave up and walked off, just in time to see Gary lift the wheel off the stand with one hand......

Thanks to all who took part, a truly excellent and thoroughly enjoyable evening and points in the Club Championship to all.

Many thanks to Gary and Phil for putting the event on, and especially for their efforts to supply both the stand and the wheel on the night.

I just hope the wheel wasn't too badly damaged by everyones efforts.....

June Quiz - 25 June 2014

This round of the WDMC bi-monthly Quiz was held by Guy, and he had gathered a good variety of questions to keep everybody thinking: the range was wide enough to cover a number of disciplines and included both topical and historical subjects.

There were a couple of little tinkers in there, but overall the questions were pitched about right to ensure that no one specialism took precedence.

Results after a three-way tie-break were as follows:

1 Peter
2 Mac Cliff
3 Tee Cee
4 Tosh and Brian
5 Gordon
6 Big Kev and Andy
7 Gary and Karl
8 Ronnie, Audrey, Colin and Tony T

Many thanks to Guy for putting the event on, well done to Peter for a fine win and the very dubious honour of organising the next round, and points to all in the Club Championship.


Radio Controlled Autotest - 4 June

The motoring theme returned with a bang tonight as Gary and Phil put on another round of the WDMC Radio Controlled Autotest.
Fingers were flexed and thumbs readied as a very healthy contingent of competitors lined up to take part, although there was of course a fair degree of gentlemanly gamesmanship and a lot of 'After You Dear Chap' going on.

This round saw the introduction of some new bollards which formed both the route and the garages in which each driver had to park the car, coming to a halt within the confines of the garage before continuing on their way round the slightly tricky course.
Each driver was allowed a short acclimatisation drive - supposedly just up the course and back - to familiarise themselves with the controls, however some did take a few liberties with the test route with the excuse that they were 'Getting used to the controls' - yeah right.

It is definitely fair to say that some were much better than others, although it would be equally fair to say that some were far, far worse than others. Thankfully, based on the evidence before us, some of those drivers were not taking the wheel as they drove home from the Club!

Competition was, as you can imagine, very fierce, although the temptation to go quickly was obviously tempered in one or two cases by the need to be furthest cleanest to finish in a commanding position.
Some of the competitors, however, had obviously never heard of such a concept and went for broke, (broke being the operative word here) and boy did they break things - the record for most bollards down going this time to Paul who left only one or two of the original 40-odd bollards intact!

Only two drivers remained clear at the finish, and results after the rest of the time penalties were added were as follows:
1 43.97 0F Gary
2 1.01.09 0F Brian
3 1.00.79 Karl
4 1.22.28 Andrew
5 1.28.91 Phil
6 1.47.42 Steve
7 1.52.80 Tosh
8 2.32.96 Adam
9 2.45.00 Ollie
10 2.47.00 Kev
11 3.28.25 Paul
12 3.59.58 Guy
13 4.26.38 Peter

Many thanks to Gary and Phil for putting the event on, it was a huge laugh and a great example of what can happen when technology is put in the hands of mere mortals.
Points to all in the Club Championship, and here's looking forward to the next round.

Audrey's 'Feel It' Night - 28 May

Always a very enjoyable - if confusing - event and making a very welcome return to Wednesday nights on the 28th May was Audrey Roughead's 'Feel It' night.
Despite the fact that we are a Motor Club, there is no guarantee the objects hidden in the bags will be anything at all to do with motoring, and in the past there has been an incredible variety of objects to be felt, causing both a considerable degree of thought-provoking confusion and much merriment and hiding of answers in the process.

This time it was of course no different, and despite there being only half a dozen items to feel they caused just as many looks of intense concentration as they did smiles and frowns of confusion. Taking away the element of sight certainly brings all the other senses to the fore, and there was no shortage of sniffing, smelling, squeezing and scratching to try to find out just what the secret items were.

Victor on the day was Trev Coulson, scoring an almost perfect 5 out of 6, prompting the question of just how many hours of groping in the dark the man has done. Others were caught out by the cryptic clues, changing their answers to suit and then finding they had been 'done up like a kipper' when the answers came out!

Final placings:
1 5 Tee Cee
2 4 Gary
2 4 Alastair
2 4 Jimmy
3 3 Brian
3 3 Liam
3 3 Moya
3 3 Ollie
3 3 Phil
3 3 Tosh
4 2 Karl
4 2 Kev

Well done Tee Cee - you are obviously the man to lead us out of a maze to safety in the pitch black, top points in the Club Championship, and thanks to all who took part.
A special vote of thanks must go to Audrey, who once again raided the family coffers to bring yet another collection of everyday items in black plastic bags that few of us could actually identify correctly.

Telephone Rally - 21 May 2014

Its been a long time since Whickham and District Motor Club members have seen a Telephone Rally but as we are celebrating our 50th year it was a great reminder of times when things were not so easy - telephone rallies were introduced back in the early 70s when petrol was rationed, and they seemed a great way of competing without having to spend money on petrol!

This year Tosh put on the event - using a very carefully selected part of Yorkshire that enjoyed an abundance of yellow and white roads - therefore providing ample opportunities for competitors to slip up just when they least expected it.

Route was a testing but reasonably straightforward one, taking in a number of difficult to describe sections but with no nasty surprises, and all to be completed in just 15 minutes!

Competition was obviously quite fierce, with some crew really going for Gold whilst others were content to take their time and get every junction right. Only problem with that was there was a Start, and a very definite Finish!

Every crew that took part seemed to enjoy it, and results on the day were very hard to decide, eventually being decided by some very in-depth conversations with some of the most senior members of WDMC.

Final placings were:
1 13m 56s Tosh and Brian
2 14m 42s Gary and Phil
3 16m 10s Peter and Guy
4 17m 10s Kev and Andrew
5 21m 30s Karl and Ollie
6 22m 00s Ronnie and Andy Kobasa
7 22m 50s Paul and Steve
8 30m 00s Jimmy and Alastair

Positions were eventually decided on the following criteria:
Miss a control: 1 minute
Miss a junction: 10 seconds

Thanks to everyone who took part, it really makes it worthwhile, and points to all in the Club Championship

PlayStation R3 - 14 May 2014

As a tribute to Andrew Roughead's WRC debut in Portugal, this round of the Superstars Championship - PlayStation Round 3 - was held on 14 May. Unfortunately, Portugal wasn't an option on the Rally game we chose, and so we plumped for the nearest venue, Spain.
The car chosen was of course a Ford - this time a Focus WRC car.

As could be expected, competition was pretty fierce, with Tosh initially setting a very leisurely time on the basis that he would be leading at that point. This was to be very short-lived, however, as Andrew drove next and set what was to be the start of some very competitive times.

Each subsequent driver went for Gold: and as the times tumbled the excitement built up to what was likely to be a grand finale: Karl had set a time that looked to be unassailable, and try as they might, each competitor could not quite match, far less beat it.

Results really did go down to the wire: Brian was last to go, and despite getting within three tenths of a second to Karl, couldn't quite match his pace, and had to settle for a very creditable second.

Results were:
1 2.13.50 Karl
2 2.13.80 Brian
3 2.15.50 KevC
4 2.17.06 Alastair
5 2.21.70 Andrew
6 2.23.56 Gary
7 2.25.68 Olllie
8 2.33.58 Phil
9 2.34.10 TeeCee
10 2.50.02 Tosh

Many thanks to all who took part, points in the Club Championship for all, and here's to the next round.

Tosh and Brian's 'MayDay Quiz' - 7 May 2014

In true Townsend tradition, May 7th saw Tosh and Brian put on another one of their Motoring-based quizzes, and as usual there was not a Rally-based question in sight!
The Quiz tonight consisted of 20 questions, some multi-choice, with a total of 44 points to be had in total.

Questions ranged from the simple to the very obscure, with speed, history, General Motoring Knowledge and a healthy smattering of Formula 1 all figuring in an attempt to get the grey matter working.

A good number of entrants took part, and although the penalty of exclusion for using a mobile phone was always present there were a couple of occasions where the appearance of a mobile drew a disapproving look from the organisers.

Results were in some places very close indeed, and as could be expected some of the questions were a touch too tough for some; and the appearance of a few TV celebrities where Motorsport personalities should have been brought a little smile or two on checking the answer sheets.

Results were as follows:
1 23.5 pts Guy
2 20 pts Gordon
3 18 pts Ollie and Kev
4 15 pts Peter
5 13 pts Mac
5 13 pts Tee Cee
6 12 pts Gary and Phil
7 9 pts Ronnie
8 8 pts Jimmy, Alastair and Kev
8 8 pts Liam and Ian

Many thanks to everyone for taking part, points in the Club's Championship to all who entered, it was good to see so many entrants wracking their brains over some rather unfamiliar questions, but then, that's what Tosh and Brian usually bring to each of their Quizzes!

Pit Stop Competition - 30 April

Technique and dexterity were definitely the order of the day when Phil and Gary held the 2014 WDMC Pit Stop Competition at Kibby Club.

Although this event had been mooted for quite some time it had never come to fruition, until Gary and Phil grasped the nettle, designed the excellent hardware and some sterling work by Phil saw the arrival of a quality, free standing wheel-change on-a-frame for everyone to try their hands and see just who really is the fastest pit-stop artist in the Club!

Competition, as you could imagine, was fierce. Everyone was doing their absolute utmost to beat the man before, and everything was extremely close. Kevin set an initial quick time, Brian beat it by a second, then his time was eclipsed by new star Liam by a good few seconds. Then Adam flew when taking his turn, only to be thwarted by a slightly loose nut which gave him a five-second penalty and put him just slower than Liam.

All these times paled into insignificance once Jimmy Knox came to the stand, however, when he totally blitzed it with an unbelievable time 20 seconds faster than everyone else! If ever there was any doubt as to who was the King of the Wheel Brace, then Jimmy certainly took the Crown with both hands and thrust it firmly on his own head! Nobody could even come close to his time, and so Jimmy took the honours with style.

Results after everybody had taken part were as follows:
1 1.34 Jimmy
2 1.54 Liam
3 1.57 Adam (5s penalty)
4 1.58 Gary
4 1.58 Tosh
5 2.00 Brian
6 2.01 Kev
7 2.12 Karl
8 2.36 Guy
9 2.38 Ollie
10 3.00 Peter
NA 2.09 Phil

Many Thanks to Phil and Gary for both organising and hosting the event, and especially for actually creating the stand and providing all the necessary equipment. It was a brilliant night, with everyone both willing everyone else to do well yet hoping they didn't beat their own times!
Points to all in the WDMC Superstars Championship, and here's to the next round.

See a video of Jimmy performing his amazing Pit Stop below:

Rally Monte Kibblo - 23 April 2014

This week saw a very different event in the WDMC Superstars Championship - Tee Cee's Rally Monte Kibblo, based on the famous Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo in the sun drenched Principality of Monaco and South East France. Tee Cee played the role of Prince Albert of Monaco (although it is fair to say that I have never seen the real Prince Albert sporting a tee shirt picturing a dog licking its back end).

2014 Monte Kibblo

Anticipation was high as every competitor was obviously under the impression that they were simply the best, and Tee Cee had planned the event to consist of multiple stages, each one timed to one hundredths of a second, with all times accumulated to produce an overall winner. There were a variety of cars available, some extremely well handling, others not quite so, but all provided a thoroughly entertaining night especially as there were a good selection of both tight and sweeping bends, together with some very slippery sections that caught out more than one or two drivers.

The event would hardly have been representative of a real rally had there not been some dispute over laps and timing, however everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and as can be expected there were some very frantic efforts to replace cars on the course after the occasional off!

Unfortunately there were several retirements - mainly caused by people leaving before the final stage, however it was a hugely enjoyable event and certainly brought out the very best of everybody's competitive spirit!

Monte Kibblo Renault 5

Final positions were as follows:
1 2.12.18 Brian
2 2.12.34 Ollie
3 2.15.34 Tosh
4 2.21.03 Guy
5 2.23.00 Jimmy
6 2.31.47 Karl
7 2.33.53 Alastair
8 2.38.09 Ronnie
9. DNF Dan May
10 DNF Big Kev
11 DNF Gary
12 DNF Adam
13 DNF Phil

Many thanks to Tee Cee for putting the event on, and to all that took part; it was a really good evening and very testing with the slippery curves.

Points in the Club Championship to all who took part, and here's looking forward to the next round of the WDMC World Championship!

Radio Controlled Autotest - 2 April 2014

Considering WDMC is a motor Club it seemed very appropriate that April should see the introduction of a driving test - this time in the form of a Radio Controlled Autotest - to test each of the members' abilities in handling a car, (although of course this particular car could be driven inside the Club)

It is fair to say that although some of the efforts tended to prove that one shouldn't ever drink and drive, a great deal of enjoyment was had by all who took part and as usual, there was a very competitive edge to the proceedings on the night.

The car in question was brand new and was literally unpacked from the box and set up on the night, proving nobody had any advantage over anyone else.

Results just showed how easy it was to accidentally catch a gate, miss a stop line or in some cases simply miss everything and drive with style and no control!

Final placings:
1 0m 50.7s 0F Karl
2 0m 55.8s 0F Mark
3 1m 08.2s 0F Brian
4 1m 54.6s 0F Tosh
5 0m 36.8s 1F Gary
6 1m 19.8s 2F Guy
7 0m 58.7s 3F Steve
8 1m 01.6s 3F Peter
9 1m 12.1s 6F Paul
10 1m 11.5s 7F Ollie

Many thanks to all those taking part - points in the Club Championship for all competitors, and a big Thank You to Phil and Gary for putting the event on.

PlayStation R2 - 26 March 2014

As a tribute to the start of the Formula 1 season the next round of the Superstars Championship - PlayStation Round 2 - was held on the 26 March at a sparsely attended Club night, however that didn't stop a good number of competitors from taking part on the World Famous Monaco F1 circuit, driving one of Audi's most prestigious marques, the R8.

Results were:
1 1.42.546 Brian
2 1.44.324 Kev
3 1.45.809 Phil
4 1.48.149 Karl
5 1.48.734 Tosh
6 1.49.221 Gary
7 1.53.323 Alastair
8 2.01.983 Guy
9 2.16.409 Peter

Many thanks to all those taking part, points in the Clubs Championship to all.

Quiz 22 January 2014

The first quiz of 2014 took place tonight and it was Guy Wickham's turn to put everybodys brains to work following the Christmas and New Year holidays with a Quiz with a bit of a difference!

Those members of the Club who were expecting the normal rally-centric type quiz were definitely to be seen scratching their heads at this particular one as Guy had included an eclectic mix of motor-oriented trivia type questions that tested even the most knowledgeable amongst those present.

Not only were there historical questions but also some to test our geographic and general knowledge, too.

There were a number of furrowed brows during the evening as Club members desperately racked their brains to try and think of the answers to some of the not so obvious questions. After all the answer sheets were handed in, Guy stepped up to announce the results which were as follows:

1 18 pts Tosh and Brian
2 15 pts Peter M
3 15 pts Mac Cliff
4 12 pts TeeCee
5 10 pts Big Kev and Andrew
6 9 pts Ollie
7 7 pts Alastair

Shock of the night was obviously Tosh and Brian winning although you would never have believed how happy two different men could be - Peter's delight at finishing second showed he was almost as happy as Tosh was delighted at winning.

Next quiz is likely to be in a couple of months time, although it is fair to say a thorough and detailed knowledge of Motorsport matters may not actually be an advantage if any of Tosh and Brian's previous quizzes are anything to go by!

Thanks to all who took part.

PlayStation R1 - 8 January 2014

The first event of the 2014 Superstars Championship kicked off tonight with the January PlayStation competition.

A promising start to the season was slightly delayed by the unavailability of the brand new massive TV in Kibby Club, meaning it was time to break out the old Television from under the table.

So, as we were using older technology, we thought it only right to stage a retro race for the inaugural round of the 2014 Championship, and so we chose the full "Autumn Ring" circuit from Gran Turismo 4 and tied that in with a Lancia Stratos in full Alitalia livery

GT4 Stratos

Karl set the initial time to beat and it was a good one, causing each subsequent competitor to get straight into the swing of things by doing their best to first beat him and then set a time that couldn't be beaten.

Results were:
1 1.20.093 Brian
2 1.22.088 Kev
3 1.22.525 Karl
4 1.22.654 Gary
5 1.22.951 Andrew
6 1.23.422 Phil
7 1.23.684 Ollie
8 1.28.312 Tosh
9 1.29.584 Alastair

Competition was once again very fierce, especially in the middle of the field, but it was Brian who triumphed in the end, narrowly beating Kev with Karl, Gary and Andrew all in very hot pursuit!

Many thanks to all those who took part, points in the Club Championship for all, and heres looking forward to a highly competitive season once again with a healthy mixture of different racing, rally and motorsport disciplines.

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