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Road Respect Campaigns Aim To Make Roads
Safer In The North East

Road Respect 3x3

Road Respect is a new campaign to try to help make the roads safer in the North East of England.
They are looking to continue to change the culture on the roads and foster respect for the law, other road users, conditions and yourself as a road user.
Take a look at their powerful campaign videos below...


Will you make the right choices?

Weapon of Choice

What are the choices you make as a driver?

Shall I have a drink? Send a quick text message? You live your life through making choices, and even though you don’t think of it, some of these choices can be the difference between life and death.

Taking a phone call and putting on lipstick are fairly harmless tasks that people do every day, however, doing them behind the wheel could have fatal consequences for you, your passengers and other drivers.

For more information about Road Respect visit www.roadrespect.org

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