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The Shaw Trophy Rally 2011

Pro Results

The Shaw Trophy Rally was held on the 17th July 2011 and was, as expected, as entertaining as last year's event.

Shaw 1979

The general consensus was that despite the weather doing all it could to dampen the spirits of the competitors the day was a very enjoyable one with everybody thoroughly enjoying the event.
The choice of start and finish venue, High House Farm Brewery near Matfen, was generally very well received, and as the weather improved towards the end of the day it was possible to hold the presentation of awards outside in the evening sunshine, a fitting end to an excellent day.


Final Results:

1 John Bertram / Niall Thomson
2 Archie Simmonds / Ali Proctor
3 Michael Davison / Josh Davison
4 Oliver Currie / Jonathan Philip
5 Jim Hendry / Graham Couser
6 Ian Peake / Paul Hughes
7 Ian Dixon / David Lauder
8 Charles Graves / Ron Palmer
9 James Knox / Kevin Knox
10 Sally Ann Hewitt / Mark Allison Lewis
11 Douglas Carmichael / John Brown
12 Joe Norman / Peter Littlefield
13 Keith Barnard / Brian Eland
14 David Cox / Terry Searle

For a comprehensive listing showing detailed results, summary and final placings click on the Pro Results link to the left.

Shaw Clan 2

Whickham and District Motor Club would like to thank all the competitors who entered, the organisers, and especially the Marshals who were out in some frankly atrocious weather, helping to keep the event running smoothly in what were rather difficult conditions.

WDMC would also like to thank Cosella Consulting for providing their excellent ProResults Competition Results service on the event.

More photographs and reports to come in the coming days...

Shaw TRophy Rally 150

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