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Cool stuff we think you'll like

The Cool Links page is a place where we put stuff that we think will appeal to Club Members.
It could be anything from a photograph of a really nice car to a forum link that describes the sort of rebuild that we all dream about doing but never get around to.

We hope you enjoy both the diversity and entertainment value of the content...

Build threads

Red Bull Holy Poop!

AV Forums

The Slo-mo guys

The Slo-mo guys are a couple of uber-cool dudes that spend their time filming all sorts of things with a high speed camera, and then posting the results online. It's worthwhile visiting their website if only to marvel at the sheer number of things they feel worthy of filming at high speed.

However, as we are a motor club, and interested in all things combustion-wise, take a look at the results of mixing high speed video with petrol and a match..............


An Amazing Mongolian Adventure

BreadVan on Pole

Watch Maximilian Werner hustle the fabulous sounding Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan to pole at the 2013 Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring 2013.


Thornton Brothers

Sandy's Can Cars


Here is an interesting site about an English guy called Sandy Sanderson who now lives in New Zealand and makes model Hot Rods out of old beer cans. Amazing!

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