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Ants Wakefield

Ants and Archie

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we have to let you all know that long time WDMC member and truly wonderful man Ants Wakefield passed away early on Tuesday morning, the 6th June 2017. Ants was a huge part of this Motor Club for many years and his loss is not only a great loss to his family but also a huge blow to all the people that knew him throughout his life.

Ants really was one of those people who saw the good in life and all of its people. I never ever saw him raise his voice or lose his temper or even criticise another man. I consider myself incredibly privileged to have been part of Ants’ life and I suspect that I will never, ever feel this close to a man again. It is a legacy I hold close to my heart and will always will do so.

Of all the people I have known in my life Ants was the one person I would always look forward to spending time with, and now I can do that no more. He was always so amazingly cheerful and virtually everything he said made me smile or laugh out loud, whether it was his unique way of describing some event that had happened or his incredibly positive outlook on life.

I will never, ever, forget him.

He just brightened up any day when you were with him, he was the life and soul of the party even when there wasn’t a party going on.

He simply was the funniest man I have ever known, his stories will live with me forever, and his incredible humour will always make me smile.

Ants lit up all of our lives and made them so much richer than they would ever have been without him. I can hardly believe he’s not with us any more.

Even after this dreadful news, I simply can’t think of Ants without smiling and I don't think anyone else can either. That truly is the very best legacy he could ever leave.

To Dawn, Archie, Rebekah, Ant's Mum and the rest of his family our thoughts, and all the members of Whickham and District Motor Club are with you.

Everyone just loved Ants, me included. I simply adored the man.

He really, truly, was one in a million. In fact he was far more than that.

Ants Wakefield, you made my life so very much better than it would have been without you, and I will always be grateful for that.

Rest in Peace, brother. Our hearts are just so heavy right now, but in truth, the more we think about you, the happier we will all be, because you really were the shining star that lit up all of our lives.

God go with you my friend.

I only hope that heaven is prepared for what is about to be unleashed upon them

Whickham takes both top slots in Hexham & DMC's Interclub Quiz and Curry Night

Whickham and District Motor Club took both top honours in the recent Hexham and District Motor Clubs Interclub Quiz and Curry night athe Dr Syntax pub in New Ridley, Stocksfield.

You can read more about the event in our Latest News page here.

On-Line Renewal / Application now available

Membership subs are due on the 1st March.

We now have an on-line Membership Renewal / Application system available to make our members lives that little bit easier.

You can now find the link to enable you to do this on our Membership page..

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WDMC Awards Night is a great success

Whickham and District Motor Club’s Annual Awards night, held every December is a wonderful opportunity for all our members to come together to celebrate their achievements in all their motorsport categories.

2016 Awards night Trophies 1

The evening was a very well attended affair, the atmosphere was extremely good natured and there was an air of expectation around as people waited to see and hear who the award winners were

Whickham wins Inter-Club Championship Award

It was a very proud night for Whickham and District Motor Club at the AS Performance North of England Tarmacadam Rally Championship Awards night at Pelaw Grange, Birtley, when the club was awarded the TMSG Inter-Club Championship Award.

WDMC to Support Junior Stage Rally Competitors

WDMC will support the clubs junior stage rally competitors with a £100 bonus being paid to the highest placed junior driver and co-driver in the overall classification of the Stage Rally Championship at the end of 2017. The winners will then be able to use the bonus to offset entry fees on WDMC organised or co-promoted events in 2018. For example the bonus could be put towards the cost of an entry on the Cheviot or Border Counties Rallies or used to enter a number of 12 Car Rallies.

Full details of the scheme are contained within the regulations for the 2017 Club Stage Rally Championship. A Junior is defined as a club member aged 29 or younger on the 1st January 2017 and regulations require an eligible member to notify the championship co-ordinator before starting their first event and also to marshal on at least one MSA sanctioned event during 2017.

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Why not come along to one of our Motor Club nights and brighten up the middle of your week?

Whickham and District Motor Club meet every Wednesday evening from around 8:30pm at the Kibblesworth Workmens Club, a local village venue offering a friendly welcome and extremely reasonable prices to all our members.

A Wednesday evening at WDMC is not just about meeting up for a drink and a chat - or a "Noggin and Natter", we try to have something happening at the Club each time we meet.

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Our Events

Events Whickham & District Motor Club are involved in organising.

Co-promotion between Whickham & District Motor Club and Hawick and Borders Car Club.

Tarmac event run over the Otterburn ranges, in co-promotion with Hadrian Motor Club.

Shaw Trophy

Classic and Targa rally held around the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

A production car auto test run twice a year in Tranwell Woods, near Morpeth.

Would you like to start in Motorsport?

If you would like to get started in Motorsport, then you are quite lucky as the RACMSA has a specific website just for you. Full of helpful hints and tips and advice to help get you started, its a valuable resource and learning tool to help anyone who fancies getting a bit more involved. Who knows - you just might be the next Motorsport Superstar!

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