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July PCA
28 July 2019


Whickham & District Motor Club would like to welcome you to our latest Production Car Autotest.

After our initial event at the Whittle Colliery site in April, we have the opportunity to run a second event at the site. We have taken on board the feedback and lessons learnt from that first event and are looking to see where we can improve the event.

The site is almost half a mile long and we intend to set out 3 individual tests using the very good quality tarmac and concrete surfaces, with only a minimal amount of smooth gravel. These will be driven a number of times during the day. We are also looking to open up some additional roads on the site to improve the layout of the tests.

Catering facilities will also be provided on the day.

We look forward to seeing both previous and new autotest competitors in July

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Interested in Cars? Motorsport? Rallying?

Fancy a change on a Wednesday night?

Why not come along to one of our Motor Club nights and brighten up the middle of your week?

Whickham and District Motor Club meet every Wednesday evening from around 8:30pm at the Kibblesworth Workmens Club, a local village venue offering a friendly welcome and extremely reasonable prices to all our members.

A Wednesday evening at WDMC is not just about meeting up for a drink and a chat - or a "Noggin and Natter", we try to have something happening at the Club each time we meet.

That could be anything from watching DVDs of Motorsport, a Quiz, 'First On Scene' (First Aid) training, Motorabilia Auctions, Scalextric, Tabletop Rallies, Telephone Rallies, Navigational Events, PlayStation nights, foot rallies, toy car racing, sometimes just a drink and a chat, or anything else we feel can add a bit of light interest to the evening. There's always somebody that will talk to you and we're always looking for new people to join in and share the enjoyment of cars and Motorsport with us. Please do come along and join us, we'll certainly do everything we can to make you feel welcome.

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Would you like to start in Motorsport?

If you would like to get started in Motorsport, then you are quite lucky as the RACMSA has a specific website just for you. Full of helpful hints and tips and advice to help get you started, its a valuable resource and learning tool to help anyone who fancies getting a bit more involved. Who knows - you just might be the next Motorsport Superstar!

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Our Events

Events Whickham & District Motor Club are involved in organising.

Co-promotion between Whickham & District Motor Club and Hawick and Borders Car Club.

Classic and Targa rally held around the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

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A production car auto test run at the old Whittle Colliery, near Morpeth.

Tarmac event run over the Otterburn ranges, in co-promotion with Hadrian Motor Club.

WDMC to Support Junior Stage Rally Competitors

WDMC will support the clubs junior stage rally competitors with a £100 bonus being paid to the highest placed junior driver and co-driver in the overall classification of the Stage Rally Championship at the end of 2019. The winners will then be able to use the bonus to offset entry fees on WDMC organised or co-promoted events in 2020. For example the bonus could be put towards the cost of an entry on the Cheviot or Border Counties Rallies or used to enter a number of 12 Car Rallies.

Full details of the scheme are contained within the regulations for the 2019 Club Stage Rally Championship. A Junior is defined as a club member aged 29 or younger on the 1st January 2019 and regulations require an eligible member to notify the championship co-ordinator they are taking part in a championship.

Looking for something?

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The Club meets every Wednesday night at Kibblesworth Workmen's Club - new members are always welcome.

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